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[Milk-tea] Pocket KkaKka

Product Info
Price 315
Discounted Price $315.00
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by pre-order
It takes about 60-75 business days.
by pre-order
It takes about 60-75 business days.


Refunds are not possible after payment

Please purchase carefully!

There is no refund after purchase.

We will ship in order of order.

We will ship you in the order of your order.
accessories detail image-S1L2
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accessories model image-S1L6
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accessories model image-S1L15
Line: Child Doll Line: Child Doll
Skin: Milk-tea Skin: Milk-tea
Eye: 12mm Eye: 12mm
Wig : 5-6 inch Wig : 5-6 inch

Component Doll body - head + body (assembled)
12mm eyes (random color) default t-shirt, socks, dust bag, rug, certificate
(From June 21, the configuration has been changed from the default box to the dust bag.)

PACKAGEFull Doll - Head + Body (Fully Assembled)
12mm Eyes (Random color), Default T shirt, Socks, Dust bag, Doll Swaddling, Certificate
accessories detail image-S1L17
accessories model image-S1L19
accessories model image-S1L44
accessories model image-S1L45
accessories model image-S1L20
accessories model image-S1L21
accessories model image-S1L22
accessories detail image-S1L23
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accessories model image-S1L33
accessories model image-S1L34
accessories detail image-S1L35
accessories detail image-S1L36
accessories model image-S1L37
accessories model image-S1L38
accessories model image-S1L39
accessories model image-S1L40
accessories model image-S1L41
accessories model image-S1L42
accessories detail image-S1L43
= NOTE =

▪ Photos were taken with Milk-Tea Skin Doll

.▪ Order will ship in around 60-75 business days

(excluding weekends and holidays)

upon receipt of payment.

▪ The wigs, eyes, outfits, accessories in the photos

are not included in the package.

▪ Colors may slightly differ depending on your monitor

screen types and settings.

= Note =

▪ The skin in the photo is milk tea color.

▪ The makeup price is included and will be sent with makeup on.

▪ Approximately 60-75 days from payment confirmation to delivery

(Based on business days - excluding weekends and holidays).

▪ Wigs, eyes, and clothes in the image are not included in the basic configuration.

▪ Depending on the monitor, the color of the image may look different.

▪ It is impossible to do retouching on a head that has already been worked on.

========Detail size======

Total Height: About 16cm

Head circumference: about 15cm

Neck circumference: about 3.5cm

Shoulder Width: About 3.5cm

Chest circumference: about 8cm

Arm length: about 4.3cm

Hand length: about 1.5cm

Hip Circumference: About 9.7cm

Thigh Circumference: About 4.2cm

Leg Length: About 8.4cm

Foot length: about 2cm

The above sizes may differ depending on the measurement method, so we recommend that you measure yourself if necessary.


Total height : 16cm

Head circumference : 15cm

Neck circumference : 3.5cm

Shoulder width : 3.5cm

Bust circumference : 8cm

Arm length : 4.3cm

Hand length : 1.5cm

Hips circumference : 9.7cm

Thigh circumference : 4.2cm

Leg length : 8.4cm

Foot length : 2cm

The above measurements can be differ according to the measuring method you use.

If you need the accurate measurement we encourage you to measure your doll again once you received.

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